We will always open new doors for possibilities with Denso's creative technology development abilities.
We will always open new doors for possibilities with Denso's creative technology development abilities.



Research and Development Area
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  • Research Products of DENSO
  • Environment : Gasoline engine management system, diesel engine management system, hybrid and electric vehicle components, starter, alternator, radiator, etc.
  • Comfort : Car air conditioning system, air conditioner for buses, air purifier, etc.
  • Safety : Sensing technologies for driving assist systems, actuator & computer for antilock brake system (ABS) / electronic stability control (ESC), adaptive front-lighting system (AFS), airbag sensors & electronic control units, periphery monitoring system, instrument cluster, rain sensor for automatic windshield wiper, etc.
  • Convenience : Car navigation system, electronic toll collection system (ETC), remote security system, remote touch controller, smart key, advanced vehicle operation system (AVOS), etc.
  • Field of Research of DENSO
  • Field of Research of DENSO -> Environment and safety as our first priority
  • At DENSO, before we provide our DENSO products to each and every one of our customers,
    we consider the "environment" and "safety" as the topmost priority in the field of research
    and development to develop products.
  • Powertrain Control Systems
  • Power train control system -> Aims to manufacture eco-friendly products through "high energy efficiency", "high fuel consumption" and "low emission of toxic substances"
  • At DENSO, we abundantly invest our efforts to develop and research products by setting our focus on reducing the weight of our products and minimizing consumption energy for system drive to provide high performance and high quality automotive parts to our customers. Through such efforts, we are increasing energy efficiency in the parts and contribute to increasing fuel consumption in cars.
  • Also, we limit the use of toxic substances in manufacturing products as much as possible and we constantly strive to supply eco-friendly products through technology research such as the reduction of CO2 emissions from cars by increasing the level of operation dependability of the products and reduction and prevention of emission of toxic substances such as NOX, SOX and PM, and product development activities such as the research and development of automotive parts that are installed in hydrogen fuel cars, fuel cell cars and electric cars.
  • Thermal Systems
  • Heat exchanger heating system -> Aims to provide convenient driving environment within the vehicle through the "supply of refreshing interior air"
  • DENSO, we are developing automotive air conditioning products that can provide refreshing interior temperature levels and air to driver and the passenger in the vehicle at all times even with a low consumption level of energy. Also, regarding automotive system parts that are sensitive to changes in temperature, we constantly strive to develop a heat management system product that can be operated in a stable condition without being affected to surrounding temperature levels regardless of the climate.
  • Information & Safety Systems
  • Informational and Driving Safety System -> Aims to manufacture products that provide driving convenience and ensure safety of car passengers by using IT technology
  • At DENSO, by using information and communications technology as much as possible that are directly or indirectly connected to the automobile industry, we are continuously using our efforts to research, develop and provide products that provide a convenient driving experience by providing information (1) requested by the passenger, notifies the status (2) of the vehicle, and protects the safety of the driver and passenger by providing a function (3) that encourages safe driving through the detection of risk elements in the surroundings of the vehicle.
  • (1) Information: local information, location information, other multimedia information, etc.
  • (2) Status notification: vehicle diagnosis information, theft prevention and alarm, etc.
  • (3) Function: prevention of drowsy driving, detection of pedestrians and obstacles, lane departure warning system, smart cruise control, etc.
  • Electronic Systems
  • Electronics System -> Aims to manufacture products that include cutting-edge electronic technology equipped with semiconductors, electronic devices, various sensors and software to realize and support automotive technology
  • At DENSO, we research and develop semiconductor, electronic device and sensor technology that are specialized for automotive systems to maintain stable product functions and operative dependability under any operation environmental conditions (4) for automotive electronic parts. We fully invest in research, development, acquisition and utilization of cutting edge electronic technology necessary to improve functionality and optimize and develop software for electronic control that increases the level of operative dependability of finished hardware components equipped with these parts.
  • (4) Operative environmental conditions: Cold/dry, high temperature/high humidity, overheating, quenching, thermal shock, vehicle vibration, etc.
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